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Working becomes difficult when the air is filled with odor. Odor can be a result of a single chemical or several chemicals present in the air and can have health effects. Not all people are sensitive to odor. But those who are might develop some serious health problems. Therefore, the work environment, whether it is … Continue reading “Activated Carbon: An Effective Solution to Control Odor”


My Opinion and the Dirty little truths about HEGA filter. Unfortunately,  the word “HEGA” has also become diluted amongst our industry and surprisingly to me from companies that know better. What is a HEGA?  “High Efficiency Gas Adsorber”, the adsorber must have a minimum mechanical efficiency of 99.9% when tested in accordance with the Institute … Continue reading “What is a HEGA filter?”


Be it smoke or grease in your home, hotels, or refineries; pollution control products can remove all with ease. One of those products is pollution control units that is a mechanical filter arrangement. It ensures to keep your computer and other equipment safe and also allows them to work in a pollution-free environment. Benefits of … Continue reading “What Do Pollution Control Products Do?”


My Opinion and the Dirty little truths. Unfortunately, the word “HEPA” has become a bit of a common word and used by many companies as a buzz word. Technically speaking it stands for “High Efficiency Particulate Air” and according to the “Institute of Environmental Technology” (IEST), they define the filter as being made into a … Continue reading “What is a HEPA filter?”

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