Liquid Filters

Food & Beverage

Complete line of absolute rated membrane filter elements for your most demanding applications; we can also custom manufacture for your systems and applications up to 40 inches in length

Liquid Filters

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Environments required specialized filtration that will withstand heavy application use. CLS has the product line to filter from .02 – 1000 microns. Housings and filter cartridges are suited to your environment. Whether you are filtering natural gas to remove impurities or eliminating metal shaving in a metal fabrication shop.

Liquid Filters


CLS helps you meet today’s regulatory requirements and provide fresh drinking water to satisfy growing population needs and water shortages. CLS’s filter cartridges and housings are designed to ensure your process will continue to provide fresh drinking water by eliminating sediment and other impurities. CLS continues to develop new and innovative products to meet the challenges in cost effective filtration.

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