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Can UV Light Kill Germs And Be Used As An Effective Air Purifier?

Ancient Greeks believed that we shot light from our eyes, enabling us to see. Well, years later, an Arab scientist Ibn-al-e-Haythem proved all that wrong. However, in this era, our knowledge and technology of optics have progressed beyond this trivial debate. Now, we have the power to shoot light, though not from our eyes. We can use light, specifically UV light, to sanitize our surroundings. Hence, let’s discuss the use of UV light to kill germs.

What Is UV Light And How Can It Kill Bacteria?

UV light lay ahead of the visible spectrum, so we cannot see it. However, we can witness its effectiveness in killing germs. Although UV rays can have a wavelength of 10 nm to 400 nm, the range of 200 nm to 400nm interests us the most. The UV lamps have been categorized into UVA, UVB, and UVC according to their ability to emit UV light of a specific wavelength. However, we mostly use UVC lamps for sanitization, so that we will base our discussion on that.

UVC lamps shoot UV light of about 200-280nm and can zap most germs out of existence, even mold spores. UV light can penetrate the cell and unjumble the DNA molecules of the germ. Plus, it also hinders the microbes’ ability to reproduce and repair themselves from damage. Thus, if UV rays don’t kill a bacteria, it mutates it with vulnerabilities and an inability to reproduce.

The Upside Of Using UV lamps:

Sanitization employs various methods to get rid of pesty microorganisms, such as the use of chemicals. However, the majority of it can be toxic and hazardous to the environment. Thus, UV lamps get an edge here in terms of their toxicity and environment friendliness. Nonetheless, the most lucrative benefit of UV lamps is their germicidal abilities.

Using UV lamps for sanitization is a physical process, so germs cannot develop immunity to it. Eventually, bacteria will develop resistance to pretty much everything you throw at them after using antibiotics and other chemicals for long. Therefore, we are always searching for new antibiotics to get rid of these “superbugs.” However, that’s not the case with UV light, so it can effectively kill superbugs as well. Consequently, many hospitals employ the use of UV lights for better sanitization.

In addition to bacteria’s inability to adapt to the dangers of UV light, UV light kills its target very fast. Thus, making them super deadly for microbes.

Use Of UV light In Homes:

UVC lamps have made it’s into the domestic market in the form of UV air purifiers. These purifiers are fitted in HVAC ducts, where they can clean the air passing through them. Nevertheless, it’s all fun and games unless you contact UV light as they can cause skin irritation and burns. Thus, making the proper installation of UV filters more important. Other than that, UV filters can be a great accessory. However, if you feel uncertain about using UV filters in your home, Clean Liquid can help you out. You can dial us at 713-253-0100 for more information.