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Controlling Corrosion With Air Filters

As a business owner or facilities manager, you obviously have an incredible amount of responsibilities on your plate. It may be easy to overlook one of the subtle – yet potentially damaging – threats to your equipment. Corrosion can lead to major problems that can be extremely expensive to replace. But the right type of air filter can go a long way toward minimizing the threat.

How Corrosion Occurs

Corrosion alters metals through chemical reactions. These reactions can occur due to pollutants in both your outdoor and indoor air, leading to the gradual destruction of materials such as stone and metal. Left unchecked, corrosion can render many types of equipment unusable.

Preventing the Problem

One of the best things you can do to protect your high-grade equipment is to install an air filtration system that includes the highest quality commercial air filter available. You can also treat your facility’s metal surfaces with protectants. If possible, consider galvanizing your metal equipment with zinc. Zinc is very resistant to corrosion.

The problem of corrosion is even more prevalent in marine environments. If your facility is close to the ocean, salt spray, wind, and other environmental factors can speed corrosion. Molds, gases, bacteria, and yeast can pose substantial challenges to your air filtration system.

This is why you need to speak with an expert who knows the right type of filtration system for your exact situation. A Clean Liquid Systems professional will know what kind of filter will work best for your specific environment. Get in touch with us by using our online contact form or calling 713.253.0100.