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MPHT filters are designed for drying plants operating at high temperature. This filter operates at 725°F /385° C, with lower pressure drop and longer service life. They replace the conventional deep pleat style filters in a similar range. Maximum recommended pressure drop is 1.4” w.g.

Available in 1.6″, 2.17″ and 3.08” depths and efficiencies MERV 12 and MERV 14. HEPA 99.99% grade available with a Max Temp of 500°F

High Temperature
High Temperature pleat filters are designed as a pre-filter operating at high temperatures up to 500°F/260° C, with low-pressure drop and long service life. Filters are classified with MERV8/G4/EU4 efficiency. They are made with a pleat distribution of 13 pleats per linear foot and are recommended to operate up to 2000 CFM. These filters are available in 45mm (2”) and 95mm (4”) depths. Filter face area can be custom made in many dimensions and the maximum recommended pressure drop is 1.2”w.g./300 Pa.

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