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How Can Air Pollution Affect Elderly And Children In Your Family?

Did you know that 90% of the world’s population is breathing polluted air every second? Air pollution is a silent killer. With health being the number one priority, you must familiarize yourself with the effects of air pollution on your health. Staying informed can save you a ton.
Effects Of Air Pollution On Health

Generally speaking, no one should overlook the effects of air pollution on their health. Health is wealth and a precious gift of life. Regardless of staying indoors or outdoors, you’re constantly surrounded by a pool of microscopic particles that linger in the air around you. These fine particles penetrate deep into your airways and directly affect your circulatory and respiratory systems. The lungs, brain, and heart are their target organs. Therefore, leading to heart diseases and even lung cancer. Be it short or long-term exposure; air pollution can cause more harm than eating a spoonful of salt daily.

The effects of air pollution leave a more severe impact on the health of the elderly and children. Therefore, it’s advised to take extra precautions to ensure their safety.

Effects Of Air Pollution On The Health Of The Elderly

As you get older, your body becomes weaker. Thus, seeing the elderly in a loop of non-stop ailments is common. What makes it worse for them is that they’re relying on the poor quality air to stay alive. Since their vulnerable immune system gives them a hard time, this should be the least of their worries. With an existing weakened immune system, it becomes a chore for their fragile body to fight off diseases, especially respiratory ones.

Effects Of Air Pollution On The Health Of Children

There is a misconception that children are young and healthy; therefore, an illness has no way of creeping into their lives. Comparatively, children have a higher chance of developing health issues from the effects of air pollution than adults. Nearly 10% of the children under the age of five passed away from inhaling the contaminated air around us. Unlike adults, children are more inquisitive and prefer to spend their time outside playing. However, this puts them in hot soup because their exposure to air pollution is prolonged.

In addition, children don’t have a robust immune system yet as they are still in the growing and development phase. Keeping this in mind, they tend to face more respiratory diseases compared to adults because their body’s fighting system is still developing and weak. Surprisingly, this can also reduce the child’s metabolism, giving rise to an unexpected weight gain. As a result of a poor immune system, children can experience asthma and a slowed-down growth of their bodies.

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