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Oil & Fuel Coalescers

Coalescer cartridges are offered in a variety of cartridge configurations to replace current industry cartridges. They are available with double open ends and flat gaskets, open ends with O-Ring seals, and thread base construction. Cartridges are available in a number of different diameters and lengths. All coalescers are single piece construction, resulting in increased strength and reducing the chance of bypass. We use a combination of one or more layers of pleated media and various layers of fiberglass. The pleated media removes the bulk of solids. Coalescing performance is determined by the type and number of layers of fiberglass.

Available in four different series of efficiency. These ratings are nominal and should be used for reference only:
Series Rated at Normally used for Removes water down to
25 series 25 micron fuels such as diesel or heating oils. 25 ppm
5 series 5 micron place of the 25 series when more efficiency is or tighter filtration is desired. 10 ppm
2 series 2 micron lighter hydrocarbons such as kerosene, gasoline, or naphtha. less than 5 ppm
1 series 1/2 to 1 micron is designed for maximum coalescing and particulate removal efficiency less than 5 ppm

Our Solutions used within the
Oil & Fuel industry

For many years Clean Liquid Systems have been an integral part of the food industry, not just as a supplier, but also as an innovator and advisor. We have a wide range of liquid filters providing separation solutions for many different processes within the food and beverage industry.

  • Water absorbing cartridges
  • Engines
  • Machinery
  • Marine

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