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Pleated vs. Non-Pleated Industrial Air Filters

An often overlooked but important part of any business is its HVAC system. Circulating fresh air in your building would be nearly impossible without it. In order for that air to be clean, it needs to run through a filter, which you’ll need to change out regularly to ensure a high air quality.

Knowing the differences between pleated and non-pleated industrial air filters is crucial if it’s time to replace your current filter. You need to buy the best for your business, and this guide will help you guarantee that happens.

Non-Pleated Filters

Let’s start by going over the facts about non-pleated filters. They are made from either fiberglass or non-woven polyester materials, which makes them the cheapest on the market. This can be a nice plus if you need to replace the filters in many of your business’s HVAC systems. It should come as no surprise that these filters are on the low end of the MERV rating scale because of their price; they usually come in at a three to five rating.

A low MERV rating doesn’t mean a filter is useless. Non-pleated filters are great at stopping most forms of large dust particles, clumps of lint, and insects. Even though some debris might slip through, the best part about these filters is they allow for maximum airflow with minimal pressure loss.

Pleated Filters

If stopping contaminants is more important to you than high levels of airflow, then a pleated filter is probably what you’re looking for. They are made from polyester or polyester/polypropylene blends, and many now have nano-fibers that offer high efficiency with minimal pressure loss. They are folded into pleats to provide more square footage of filter media and have a low-pressure drop and longer life. Because of these materials and designs, pleated filters can generally trap finer dust than non-pleated ones. On top of that, these filters can stop pollen, mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, and fine particles that can damage your lungs.

All of this culminates in reasonably-priced pleated filters achieving up to a MERV 13 rating. Some filters can be a bit lower, but they are all more effective than their non-pleated counterparts. Of course, this all comes with a higher price tag, but if high air quality is crucial for your business, it’ll be well worth the cost.

Where To Get Yours

Now that you know the key differences between pleated and non-pleated industrial air filters, you’ve probably realized that pleated ones are the better option for businesses. If you want to get the most out of your commercial HVAC filters, you need to look at the options we have in store for you at Clean Liquid Systems.

We take filters seriously, so you can rest easy knowing we’ll offer you the best pleated filters money can buy. Take the time to check out each of the variations of pleated filters in our store.