What applications are you looking for Stiff Pocket Filters ?

  • MERV 8, MERV 11, MERV 12, MERV 13, MERV 14, MERV 15
  • EN779 Rated G4, M5, M6, F7, F8

SPX-BAG filters are medium to high efficiency extended surface self-supporting Pocket (bag) filters made of super fine synthetic (Polyester) filter media. The progressive density multi-layered fiber arrangement offers excellent filtration performance combined with very high dust holding capacity. SPXbags are Ideal for air intake applications in Automotive paint booths, powder coating and other surface treatment plants. This is also used in air conditioning systems in Hospitals, Pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants, electronic manufacturing facilities etc. With a unique aerodynamic design, this is also available for air intake applications like gas turbines, diesel generators.
The rigid pockets are formed by welded construction and aerodynamic design. The pockets are mechanically fastened in an ABS frame. This construction ensures 100% leak proof operation. SPX-BAG Filters are completely metal free and are designed to withstand high burst pressure tested up to 25 inches water gauge. These filters can operate well in 100% humid conditions and in salt-laden environments.

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