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What Does Natural Gas Smell Like?

In most cases, natural gas pipelines are concealed under the ground. This does not only protect you but also protects the pipes from weather conditions and other elements. Pipeline leaks are rare, but you should always be aware of what to expect and the warning signs to keep yourself, your family, and your neighbors safe.

Unlike a propane gas leak, you cannot detect a natural gas leak. Propane gas settles down in low places, whereas natural gas is light. It quickly rises and fills up space, causing asphyxiation.

What Are Some Signs Of A Gas Leak At Your Home or Office:

  • Rotten egg-like smell: Natural gas produces a garlic-like odor. You can also describe it as a rotten egg or sulfur smell. Although natural gas doesn’t have a scent of its own, this smell is added to the gas by gas companies to help warn people in case of leaks. Natural gas can combine with electrical and fire sources and cause an explosion. Hence the moment you smell gas in your vicinity, immediately leave the area.
  • A blowing or hissing sound: In some cases, you can locate a gas leak by the hissing or blowing sound it might be producing due to the leak.

What Are Some Signs Of A Gas Leak Outside Your Home or Office:

  • Dead vegetation: The presence of natural gas near vegetables can cause veggies to change colors and flowers to wilt. Natural doesn’t let the flower and veggies absorb oxygen. Hence it changes its color. Suppose you see any dead or discolored vegetables surrounded by fresh, green, and healthy vegetables. This indicates the presence of a gas leak.
  • Blowing of dirt: Natural gas is light in weight, and it can easily blow dirt around if there is a leak in place. If you see swirling dirt when the weather is not windy, it means there is a gas leak.
  • Air bubbles in water: There should not be bubbles in standing water. If you see so, there are chances of a present gas leak.

What Should You Do When You Smell Gas?

  • If you smell a slight gas odor:
    • Immediately open all windows
    • Ensure that lights are off
    • Call the relevant authorities and follow their instructions
  • If you smell a strong gas odor:
    • Immediately exit the building
    • Do not power any appliances off or on
    • Do not use your phone, keep your matches away, do not ring any bells nor take the elevator
    • As you are in a safe place, call the authorities and follow their instructions
    • As you are leaving the building, notify your neighbors and tell them to evacuate too

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