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Why Should We Look Forward To Graphene Water Filters?

Are you fed up with water filters fouling up? After all, fouling causes us to change or filter every now and then. Hence, wouldn’t it be great to have a filter that doesn’t foul and can last you a lifetime? Of course, that would be great, but is it possible? In theory, yes it is, and one material can do it handsomely. It’s none other than the magic material graphene. Moreover, graphene water filters will be fast and simpler compared to the ones we have.

What Is This Magic Material – Graphene?

Graphene is a one-atom thin layer of carbon. Essentially, graphene is so thin that you can call it two-dimensional. You can even obtain graphene with transparent tape and a lead pencil.

All you need to do is tape a portion of the lead. Then pull the adhesive with a jerk. The black residue on the tape is a crude and unfiltered form of graphene. However, it is still graphene.

Nevertheless, why is this black residue so magical? This is because the prospect of graphene can revolutionize many industrial processes. Above all, graphene is the best conductor of heat and electricity, and it is super strong yet light.

What Can We Achieve With A Graphene Water Filter?

Graphene is naturally a repellant of water (say hello to the next generation of waterproofing). However, we wouldn’t use such a substance in our water filter. Nonetheless, perforating a graphene sheet will make it highly permeable to water, which is where the magic lies. This is because these pores are big enough only to pass water. Consequently, they stop other contaminants in their tracks.

When talking about contaminants, these filters have the potential to halt the flow of salt in water. This leads to a fantastic application of graphene water filters to purify sea waters.

In a nutshell, a graphene water filter shall display these remarkable qualities:

  • The construction of these filters will be relatively more straightforward.
  • Filters can effectively filter both solid, liquid, and gas contaminants.
  • Filters will work faster to filter water.
  • These Filters are not prone to fouling

Why Don’t We Have A Graphene Water Filter Yet?

Why don’t you have this remarkable water filter in your home or your factory? The problem here doesn’t lie in manufacturing a filter. However, we face obstacles in the fabrication of graphene. After all, we can’t obtain it by pulling tapes on lead; that is not practical. However, the practical way of creating graphene is too expensive to replicate on a large scale. Therefore, we are stuck in a dilemma of cost and practicality.


We are still decades from having graphene water filters in our homes. However, graphene water filters give us something to look forward to. While the perfect filter is decades away, you can rely on Clean Liquid Systems to provide you with quality filters and related services. Our catalog is filled with state-of-the-art filters and filtering techniques that can take water purification to the next level. To learn more about our products and services, call us at 713-253-0100.