Liquid & Vapor Phase Activated Carbon Media

Activated Carbon Media

Liquid & Vapor Phase Activated Carbon Media

(Deep Bed Scrubbers and Vessels) / Positive Pressurization Unit (PPU)

Bulk Activated carbon media (Available in bags, boxes, drums or super sacks)

  • Toxic Fumes /VOC Removal/H2S Removal
  • Lift and pump stations / Holding tanks /Taste and Odor Control /Chloramine Removal
  • Portable water treatment / Ground water remediation
  • Soil Vapor Extraction /Industrial process treatment/ Spill cleanup

Clean Liquid Systems offers the highest quality products for superior performance and efficiency for water treatment. We specialize in products that remove and reduce chemicals, pesticides, chloramines, unwanted contaminants, toxins, PFOA & PFOS contaminants, unwanted colors, odors, and tastes.

Industries Served: Aquarium, Car Washes, Drinking Water, Desalination, Highly Purified Water, Municipal Water, Process Water, POE/POU, Produced Water, Wastewater, Water Purification and Reuse

Air Filtration for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Our vapor phase carbon media is used as a typical treatment to remove contaminants and pollutants from the air by adsorption. Depending on your application, a coal or coconut shell base material paired with an impregnate of a specific type and concentration will be available. This activated carbon possesses a high mechanical strength and has a great distribution of macro and micro pores that accommodate a variety of molecular sizes and offers a low flow resistance.

Activated Carbon Media

Activated carbon media can be used for the remediation of vapors generated, the removal of VOCs from the air, soil venting and removal of other organics such as ammonia, sulfur compounds, mercury, and amines.

Industrial Applications

We will help you determine which media is right for your vapor treatment application, bulk orders available

Contact us for more details.

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