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Engine & Compressor Air Filter Housings

Ensuring that the air your engines, compressors, or blowers bring into their systems is clean is essential to them lasting a long time. Dirty air will clog up their mechanics, causing them to degrade over time. That’s why you need proper air filter housing for these systems.

From air filter enclosures to wire mesh filter screens, we have all styles needed to run clean air into your engines, compressors and blowers. Clean Liquid Systems offers high efficiency dust capture and fume removal filters to provide you the best filtration products on the market. Take the time to look through the selection of air filter housings and stainless steel filter meshes we have in stock for you today.

Air Intake  from 10 CFM to 40,000 CFM   Cylindrical Or Panel Style design

Single stage to 5 stage filtration    

Wire Mesh to HEPA grade filters

Process (In Line housings)