Vapor Phase Activated Carbon

Vapor Phase Activated Carbon

Air |Vapor Phase Activated Carbon

Disposable Bonded Carbon Blocks in Panels, V-cells or Cylindrical



Pleated Activated Carbon V- cells| with MERV 13 or MERV 15 efficiencies   (low pressure drop)

HEAVY DUTY Industrial grade Carbon V model filters are made up of activated carbon media, close pleated and bonded in a rigid V shaped construction with. These filters operate with no carbon shedding, with very low pressure drop and are incinerable.  A combination of synthetic media and activated carbon ensure higher degree of filtration efficiency. Filters are designed for odor removal in air conditioning and industrial process applications. A header frame design allows easy installation in holding frames and housings. These filters are ideal for application in commercial buildings, airports, hospitals, hotels, restaurants etc.

Features 100% synthetic filter media made with activated carbon closely pleated and arranged in a V configuration which accommodates a very large quantity of filter media. The Mini-Pleated media packs are arranged in a perfect V design and sealed to the enclosing frame made up of (ABS).  Each filter has a very large media area providing low initial pressure drop. These models are high capacity to handle large airflows, easy to install and dispose, suitable for gas adsorption and chemisorption, particulate filtration along with odor removal etc.  Cleancarb V is made up of a dual layer media of carbon and synthetic to provide an efficiency of MERV13 and MERV 15 grade as per ASHRAE 52.2.

All filters are available in with 20mm or 25mm header thickness

Pleated-Activated-Carbon-V- cells

Disposable V-cells with honeycomb “Style VH” is a new generation carbon filter that meets the demand of odor removal in applications where the concentrations of odor are high. Carbon filters available these days are heavy and hence require more effort in handling. Carb VH is designed in a low weight construction and the weight of carbon dominates in its total weight. A variety of carbon or carbon blend selections are offered depending on the application.

Available in depth of 12”, 16” and 17” depth


Disposable Pleated carbon filters are pleated panels which offers extended surface filtration combined with odor control, designed to suit a wide variety of HVAC applications including Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, Food processing units, Restaurants, Airports, Commercial Buildings etc.  The filters are available in MERV6  to MERV 13 efficiency with frame depth from 25 mm, 45mm and 95mm depths. These filters are recommended as direct replacements to existing pleated air filters. Filters are easy to install and completely disposable too.


Refillable metal Trays | for use with activated carbon, impregnated carbon or other chemisorbant media.

( Powder coated carbon steel/ Galvanized or Stainless Steel )

Trays are reusable panel filters that provide long life and excellent odor filtration, designed to suit a wide variety of HVAC applications including Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, Food processing units, Restaurants, Airports, Commercial Buildings etc. These comes in 20mm, 25mm and 45mm depths. These filters are used as direct replacements to existing air filters and also used in V Bank arrangements on Odor Control Units where handling of higher flow with high residence time is required.

Metal Trays

Refillable Activated Carbon V-cells | and modules in metal or plastic

Cells may hold activated carbon in granular or pellets as well as round chemisorbant media.

Refillable Activated Carbon V Cells

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