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Deep Bed Scrubbers

Pollution Control Units /Deep Bed Scrubbers

Sewage/ Waste water Treatment facilities

  • Toxic Fumes /VOC Removal/H2S Removal
  • Lift and pump stations / Holding tanks /Taste and Odor Control
  • Industrial process treatment
  • Spill cleanup

Deep Bed Scrubber shown below are typically used for positive pressure on control rooms. These units can have 6” to 18” thick beds and multiple series of stages of filter media. Often these units will have different media in the different sections to adsorb a range of gases.   Deep Bed Scrubber (DBS) are designed for areas where there are high contaminant Gas levels and provide more effective protection against environmentally induced corrosions in control and switch gear rooms equipped with electronic process control systems, refineries, steel mills, smelters, chemical plants, petrochemical plants and other hostile environments.

Deep Bed Scrubber

  1. Media Selection: Custom selection of up to 36 inches of different chemisorbant media, depending on the corrosive gases present in the environment.
  2. Economical: Design allows for higher airflow rates and higher efficiencies at lower CFM costs.
  3. System Compatibility: Designed to sit outside the space to be placed under positive or negative pressure . The Deep Bed Scrubber delivers clean pressurization air to recirculation systems, side access systems, or HVAC equipment.
  4. Local Service: Our global network of experienced representatives provide a comprehensive service program to support each system in the field.