Pollution Control Units

Control Rooms/ Restaurant Odor Control / Grow Rooms / Refineries / Casinos

Exhaust or Recirculation Units ensures your computer equipment operates within a corrosive free environment, and within the guidelines of major computer and instrument manufacturers’ warranties.

Equipment Advantages:

  1. Self-Contained Exhaust or Recirculation System – Provides particulate and gaseous filtration, removing contaminants generated by in-room sources and those brought in from outside.
  2. Target Specific Gases – Multiple banks of media allows system to be configured to handle the contaminant gases present in your environment.
  3. System Design Flexibility – Design flexibility to meet your specific needs.
  4. Local Service – Trained representatives are supported by laboratory services including environmental corrosion classification and media life analysis testing.

Two Pass Pollution Control Unit complete with fan shown below.

This is available with or without fan and may be customized to be an exhaust only or inline unit.

Pollution Control Units

Various media types available. Blended Carbon or Potassium Permanganate coated alumina beads.

Air Filtration

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