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Rotating Equipment & Reverse Pulse Dust Collector Cartridges

Air Filtration| Rotating Equipment / Gas Turbine

Intake filters available from MERV 12 to MERV15 and Higher efficiencies to HEPA grades H12 or H13.

The high efficiency Mini-Pleat compact filters made up of water resistant micro-fine glass fiber media Or Synthetic media are available in a wide range of efficiencies from MERV 12 to MERV 16

(65% – 95%+ ).  V cells are designed for use in Gas Turbine installations where highest degree of air cleanliness is required. The compact design, larger surface area and low initial resistance made it an Ideal alternative to ordinary Bag filters & Box type filters of the similar efficiencies. V-Cell compact filter models are also available with very high burst resistance, low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity for extreme operating conditions like Gas turbine air intake fine filtration etc.  VGT Models are available with plastic grid support optional.  The Header style is available in 12”, 16” or 17” depths with 20 or 25mm header.

Filters are absolutely metal free and so are incinerable and environmentally friendly.  Filters can also be made in Reverse flow design.

Hydrophobic Prefilter Panel filters 2”, 4” and 6” thickness

HYDRO PLEAT filters are a new generation filter that replaces conventional coalescer filters. Hydro pleat filters are offered in G4 and M5 efficiency grades. A new generation hydrophobic Synthetic Media with a special coating offers 100% removal of water mist from the air combined with a G4/M5 filtration efficiency is an ideal pre-filter for AHUs and Gas Turbine Intake systems operating in high humid environments like offshore installations.  Hydro pleat is a 100% coalescer filter which can challenge any competitive brands.

Rotating Equipment & Reverse Pulse Dust Collector Cartridges

Pro-Clean POLY-PLEAT filters are cleanable / washable panel filters made up of non woven, high lofted synthetic (polyester) filter media and are available in various efficiency grades ranging from G2 to F5. POLY PLEAT filters offer very high dust holding capacity combined with lower resistance than the other types of similar grade panel filters.

Rotating Equipment & Reverse Pulse Dust Collector Cartridges

Reverse Pulse cartridges and Pleated bags

Rotating Equipment & Reverse Pulse Dust Collector Cartridges

Pulse Cartridges available from MERV 12 to High Efficiency E12 ratings with Nanofiber.  Medias perform day in and day out in some of the toughest turbine environments on earth.  From the frigid cold, to scorching heat, and salt laden costal applications we have filters to take care of your application. Superior Nanofiber treated cellulose blends or synthetic bases in efficiencies from F8-E10+.  Hydro and oleophobic nanofiber stops fine salt particulate and even low surface tension liquids from penetrating.

Air Inlet Self-Cleaning (pulsed) OR (static) Filtration Systems, one conical and one cylindrical filter are often paired and mounted horizontally to provide turbine protection. The conical and cylindrical pair is typical in many systems.

F9 Synthetic Filter Media
F9 Synthetic Filter Media – Hydrophobic Treated
MERV 16 Cellulose Blended Filter Media
F8 and F9 Cellulose Blended Filter Media