Air Filtration – Reverse Pulse Cartridges and Pleated bags

Air Filtration
Pulse Cartridges available from MERV 12 to High-Efficiency E12 ratings with Nanofiber. Media perform day in and day out in some of the toughest turbine environments on earth. From the frigid cold to scorching heat, and salt-laden coastal applications we have filters to take care of your application. Superior Nanofiber treated cellulose blends or synthetic bases in efficiencies from F8-E10+. Hydro and oleophobic nanofiber stop fine salt particulate and even low surface tension liquids from penetrating.

Air Inlet Self-Cleaning (pulsed) OR (static) Filtration Systems, one conical and one cylindrical filter are often paired and mounted horizontally to provide turbine protection. The conical and cylindrical pair is typical in many systems.

  • F9 Synthetic Filter Media
  • F9 Synthetic Filter Media – Hydrophobic Treated
  • MERV 16 Cellulose Blended Filter Media
  • F8 and F9 Cellulose Blended Filter Media
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