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Due to the nature of what factories accomplish daily, they aren’t particularly well-known to have the cleanest air. This can quickly become a problem for the workers who are inside with heavy machinery all day. That’s why you need to make sure your factory has proper ventilation with the use of dust collector filters.

These dust filters will help remove all the harmful dirt, debris, and chemicals that are in the air. With the right dust collector cartridges, you can easily purify the air that gets pumped back into the factory for your employees, creating a much safer work environment. Lucky for you, Clean Liquid Systems has all the dust collector filters you could ever need for your business.

Pulse Cartridges available from MERV 12 to High Efficiency HEPA H12 ratings with Nanofiber

Cartridge, Conical, Flange style, Pleated bag style.

Spunbond polyester, Nano applied media,  Membrane media, Safety Final Filters.


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