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High Purity Water

Clean Liquid Systems was formed with the concept of Business to Business in mind. Our knowledge and resources around the world combine hundreds of years of experience in Air, Water, Fluids and Fume filtration.This allows our customers to do what they do best and allow us to work in the background to locate and deliver great products in a timely manner with exceptional value. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, we have the ability to service our customers by shipping from a variety of factories and warehousing locations around the nation.

With the consolidation of more and more companies being purchased in this industry, it often means the big companies will want to provide the “cookie cutter” items. We are here to keep you competitive and often to provide what they don’t provide.

What we offer is great customer service and wide range of filtration products. While we strive to provide fast service, some things just take time to make it and to make it right.

We do only one thing, Filtration, and we like to do it well.