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Does That Sound Indicate Your AC Has Problems?

Having a correctly working air conditioning system means you do not need to worry about hot summers hitting the sky and relaxing in your cool room. But imagine if your air conditioning system is not as effective as it used to be, your summer is going to be quite challenging. If your air conditioning system needs a repair, we are here for your rescue.

Is That The Sound Of Struggle?

Is your air conditioning system crying for help? No, you are not daydreaming.

Here are some sounds that will help you learn that your air conditioning system needs help. You must spare some time and listen to these sounds. And understand the type of issue that will help you call in the technician’s relevant kind.

  • Hissing sound: Your AC might be making a slight hissing sound, but if the sound gets loud, along with less cool air being pushed out of the AC system, this is an indication that
    either the filter is clogged or the refrigerant is leaking. In both cases, you will need to call in a professional.
  • Screaming sound: When there is a screeching or screaming sound, chances are there is something wrong with the parts of the system. It could be a loose fan blade or a damaged blower motor belt.h
  • Rattling sound: A rattling sound means there must be a gas leak in your ductwork. Before it becomes worse and you end up spending on expensive repairs, call in a technical for a repair.
  • Buzzing sound: If you hear a buzzing sound, it might be because of an electrical problem. You will notice that this sound will not increase in volume and will be continuous.

If you hear these sounds, this indicates that your air conditioning system needs repair. It could either be a mechanical or electronic repair. You should still have it on at the soonest before the damage becomes more prominent and your repair expenses become too high. Call Clean Liquid Systems at 713.253.0100, and our team of experts will be at your doorstep for a quick review.