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The Difference Between An Air Filter And Air Cleaner?

With many people spending their time at home, it is essential to understand how valuable your home’s indoor air quality is. Although there are many indoor air quality products globally, the difference between an air filter and air cleaner can easily confuse people.

What Are Some Difference Between An Air Filters & Air Cleaners:

An Air Filter:

You must have heard some air quality experts speak about filters. And they are speaking about the filters installed in your air conditioning system. These filters use a fiberglass material that traps dust and various unwanted particles. How efficient these filters depend entirely on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value rating of the filter. The filter would be more effective if it got a higher rating.

In some cases, you will hear these experts use the words “HEPA filters.” A HEPA filter is a special filter that is popular to trap 99.97% of particles, which are 0.3 microns in diameter. But because it is known to slow down the airflow, many people do not prefer using it.

But if you’re thinking, how do you use a HEPA filter in your home? Read below to learn more. 

An Air Cleaner: 

An air cleaner is well popular to use a HEPA filter to remove dust particles from your air. The air cleaner runs on a fan system that provides extra filtration to your already installed air conditioning system. In contrast, an air purifier uses an electrical charge to collect dust particles. Although a purifier is better at removing biological contaminants, it is less efficient in removing dust particles. 

Suppose it was to be put in easy and straightforward words. Your air filter is what powers your air cleaner, and air cleaner reduces particles from your home’s air. Both the devices work in cognition to ensure the air you and your family is breathing at home and clean and best to consume.

How To Solve Your Indoor Air Quality Needs?

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