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How To Protect Yourself From Seasonal Allergies?

Too busy scratching your itchy eyes as soon as you step outside to see the blooming flowers? That’s a sign that your seasonal allergies have been triggered. Spring is the most pleasant season that everyone looks forward to. Unfortunately, it can become a headache knowing the fact that your allergies will tag along too. What can you do to protect yourself from these seasonal allergies?

Seasonal Allergies

In the human dictionary, spring means allergy season. You can’t spot the pollen grains with your naked eyes, but they are always lingering in the air. These delicate, powdery particles, which are responsible for plant reproduction, always find a way of getting into your body. Thus, triggering your immune system. Your cells release a chemical called histamine which causes a rush of allergy symptoms that usually last more than two weeks.

Here are some seasonal allergy symptoms you might face:

  • Itchy and swollen eyes
  • Throat irritation
  • Fatigue along with headache
  • Runny nose consisting of thin, clear mucus
  • Constant sneezing

Tips To Protect Yourself From Seasonal Allergies

Don’t fret, as you can still enjoy the lovely season with certain precautions to help keep your symptoms at bay. The key is to limit your allergen exposure. Here are a few tips you can follow:

Keep Track Of Pollen Levels
With internet access readily available, keep yourself updated on the pollen levels daily and plan accordingly. It’s better to play safe and stay indoors if the levels are too high. Furthermore, we advise you to keep the windows closed at home or while driving your car. Consider yourself protected in an enclosed area as the allergens would have no way of sneaking inside. On top of that, practice exercising at home, as that will also limit your pollen exposure.

Take Necessary Precautions When Entering Or Leaving Your House
Only leave the house if urgent. It’s crucial to block out the entryways of pollen grains into your body. Therefore, wear your mask religiously, and don’t forget to cover your eyes with goggles. Ensure that you change your clothes and hop into the shower immediately after returning home because pollen grains tend to stick onto your hair, skin, or clothes.

Equip Your House With Air Filters
We’ve been told that stepping outside can be dangerous at high pollen counts; however, are you aware that these allergens might be lurking indoors too? Hence, it’s safer to arm your house with suitable air filters. For this, HEPA filters are a great choice as they ensure an efficient and clean indoor environment for you at home. These filters contain a fine mesh that captures minute particles such as pollen and reduces your exposure to these harmful allergens.

Intuitively air filters are super critical in protecting you from allergens. Hence, opt for good-quality filters to safeguard your family. You can browse for your required filter from an extensive catalog at the Clean Liquid System. Furthermore, give us a call at 713-253-0100 to learn more about how we can help.