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How Does Duct Cleanliness And Air Filter Replacement Help Your Family?

For many homeowners, indoor air quality matters, and we are sure you are among them. We know it’s a grind to provide your family and loved ones with clean air to breathe. Nevertheless, it’s a cause worth all your efforts. Therefore, let’s guide you along the way to ensure that your endeavors are fruitful. Where do we start? Why not discuss the importance of duct cleanliness and air filter replacement?

What Are Ducts?

Ducts are conduits carrying hot or cold air to different rooms of your residence. You can compare them with blood vessels carrying blood from the heart to various body parts. Here vessels are ducts while your HVAC unit replaces the heart.

Moreover, the resemblance here is not only in functionality but in value. For example, we all know the problems caused by a clogged vessel. This indeed makes us wonder what nuisance a duct lined with dirt, grime, and pet dander can be? Well, if you neglect regular air duct maintenance, you are in for a rough patch starting with high utility bills and ending with the HVAC system failure.

How Often Should You Clean Air Ducts?

Microorganisms, pores, and molds call air ducts their home; for small quantities, you don’t need to sweat about them. This is because the tight mesh of filters near the exit vents will trap them. Enabling your family to breathe freely.

However, with time dirt, dust, and grime build up inside the air ducts. Hence, soon enough, stacks of debris will overwhelm the air filters, and you will find contaminants sneaking out in the air. This can be a problem for infants or the elderly in your family. Pollen, dirt, and spores can cause your family’s seasonal allergies to worsen.

Lower air quality is inevitable if you don’t clean the HVAC ducts. Therefore, we suggest you get your hands dirty every once in a while. Still, a critical question remains unanswered; how often should you clean your HVAC ducts? It would be best to consider cleaning ducts every three to five years. You might need frequent sessions if you have pets. On the other hand, cleaning can be delayed for over nine years for vacant residences.

What Else Do You Need To Do?

We discussed how dirt and grime clog the filters. Hence, only a duct cleaning won’t suffice; you should also contemplate the change of air filters.

You can either replace the air filter or wash it. That usually depends on the type of air filter installed. Whatever you need to do, add that into your 90 days maintenance routine.

When considering the replacement of your old air filter, choose the one compatible with your HVAC unit. Otherwise, you are in for a rough season. Therefore, to help you out with a proper selection of air filters, you can give Clean Liquid System a call. Ring us at 713-253-0100 to learn more about our products and services.