Nylon 6,6 Membrane Cartridges

-CLS Nylon 6,6 cartridges offer a wide array of micron ratings from .03 to 20 microns
-All Nylon 6,6 are produced in-house on the most modern equipment available
-Complete in-house testing guarantees a superior and consistent product
-We offer all end cap configurations to offer you the proper cartridge to fit your applications and housing
-All Nylon 6,6 membrane elements are internally supported offering strength to prevent media failure
-Cartridges have excellent dirt holding capacity with low flow resistance
-Cartridges are compliant with the FDA Title 21 for food and potable water contact
-End caps are thermally welded with no additives
Cartridges are constructed in a clean room environment
-Naturally hydrophilic media does not need to be wetted before use
-Cartridges may be ordered as final rinsed with 18 mega ohm water

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