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Sanitary (Food, Beverage and Lab)

Liquid Filters | Industrial Manufacturing / Micro Electronics / Solvents

Industrial Environments required specialized filtration that will withstand heavy application use. CLS has the product line to filter from .02 – 1000 microns. Housings and filter cartridges are suited to your environment. Whether you are filtering natural gas to remove impurities or eliminating metal shaving in a metal fabrication shop.

Liquid Filters | Housings and Strainers

Sanitary (Food, Beverage and Laboratory)

Housings and Strainers

Single and multi-round housings are constructed of 316L stainless steel designed with standards for filtration applications requiring high purity production. Design characteristics minimize hold up volumes, provide for easy draining and cleanability. External surfaces mechanically polished and internal surface is acid washed for a consistent, easy care finish. Available to accommodate multiple configurations and up to 36 individual cartridges.

Additional styles of Multi-round housings are constructed of durable stainless steel and meet general purpose industrial and commercial filtration needs. All wetted welded surfaces are 316 stainless steel.

Accepts 10″, 20″, 30″ and 40″ cartridges with DOE, 222 and 226 configuration options.

High Flow Series Accepts large filter elements. Available in vertical or horizontal orientations, the High Flow housings can accept from 1 to 7 filter elements.

Shown Below are common Strainer baskets


Strainer baskets may be lined with finer mesh screen or used with a disposable bag. The bags are available in many grades of felt materials with numerous types of felt media. We can offer assistance to help determine what may be best for your application