What applications are you looking for Mini-Pleat ?

are the new generation of high-efficiency compact filters available in a wide range of efficiencies from MERV12 to MERV 14. These filters are designed for use in HVAC installations where the highest degree of air cleanliness is required. The compact design, larger surface area, and low initial resistance made it an Ideal alternative to ordinary bag filters and box type filters of the similar efficiencies.

These filters are made up of water-resistant micro-glass filter media, closely pleated and separated by continuous thermo-plastic bead separators. This design accommodates a very large quantity of media which offers a longer service life and low-pressure drop. The Mini-Pleated media packs are encased in a metal or plastic frame that are available with single, double or no header style. Available from 1″ to 6″ depth.

Also available in 100% synthetic filter media made from a modified melt-blown process having graded fiber density ensuring coarse fibers upstream and fine fibers downstream is closely pleated adding thermo-plastic bead separators which gives a unique V configuration to the pleats and accommodates a very large quantity of filter media. The low initial pressure drop, longer service life, and the compact design made it an ideal design for all types of air conditioning installations. The filters are available in plastic or metal frames. The filter media used is inherently anti-microbial and so it inhibits the growth of micro-organisms.

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