Standard Efficiency Pleated Cartridges

-CLS standard efficiency pleated cartridges are manufactured in-house with 2 grades of media— polypropylene and polyester
-In-house lamination and calendaring of our medias allow us to control the final media grades
-Complete in-house testing guarantees a superior and consistent product
-With 6 micron ratings, 2 standard diameters and 8 standard lengths we are sure to produce the element you require
-We produce our own molds for the PVC end caps so custom sizes and applications are welcomed
-All seams are 100% ultrasonically welded to ensure zero bypass
-Standard diameters are 2.5 and 4.5 inches
-Standard lengths up to 40 inches
-We place a maximum amount of media in each filter without pleat binding for increased dirt holding capacity
-Polypropylene elements with polypropylene cores meet FDA Title 21 regulations for food and water contact

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