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3 Reasons You Should Buy Custom HVAC Filters

Getting the right filter for your company’s needs is an important decision to make. Getting the wrong one will seriously hamper your HVAC’s ability to properly filter your air. Fortunately, most systems work well with the standard filter options you find on the market, but this isn’t always the case.

Sometimes you’ll require a specific filter size and type that simply doesn’t exist. That’s when you’ll need to turn to customizable options. In this brief guide, we’ll go more in-depth on why you should buy a custom filter for your HVAC system.

Other Filters Don’t Fit

Even though most HVAC systems use designs made to match standard filter sizes, this won’t always be the case. Maybe you have an older HVAC that uses an older design that’s no longer available. It could be that your system has custom parts that don’t allow normal filter sizes to fit.

Regardless of the reason, some HVAC systems simply won’t be able to use standard-sized filters. When that’s the case, you need a custom one that falls within your particular specifications.

Debris Still Gets Through

Even if your HVAC has a slot perfect for the standard filters you normally buy, dust and debris might still sneak through. While this reason is similar to the previous one, it’s much harder to tell what the cause of it is.

When debris slips through, many people assume that the filter’s MERV rating isn’t high enough for their needs. While this is the case sometimes, it isn’t always the solution. Buying a higher-rated filter of the same size might still let some dust and debris through. Opting for a custom filter will help ensure you have a tight seal, saving you from spending more on a higher-quality filter.

You Need Better Filtration

However, a higher-quality filter is exactly what you need in some cases. The final reason to buy a custom HVAC filter is that many standard retail options don’t provide the level of filtration your company needs. When you need the cleanest air possible, you should use a custom HEPA filter.

With a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, you can fine-tune the level of filtration needed for environments your staff works in. Custom options like this simply aren’t available in most standard retail filters.