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Different Types Of Air Filters Available For Your Home Use.

Pollution and allergens are all around us, and in such conditions, our home might be a safe haven. On the contrary, our homes can be filled with contaminants and pollutants. Nonetheless, this “shocking” statement is backed by science. That is due to the low ventilation in some homes, the recycling of air couldn’t occur regularly. Therefore, the stagnant air in houses can then be filled with dust and other pollutants. Consequently, the poor air quality has some ill effect on the residents leading to respiratory ailments. Here air filters come to the rescue as they can help improve the air quality. There are different types of air filters each with varying mechanism and output.

1) Flat and Pleated Filters:

Flat filters are usually an add-on for your HVAC system. They effectively filter large specks of dust but are rendered useless against minute particles that are the most irritating. Nonetheless, it’s great to protect your HVAC system.

However, with time dust starts to build and clog the filter lowering their filtering capacity. Hence, you will have to replace them from time to time. Consequently, many consider regular replacement inconvenient and costly. Therefore, many may go for pleated air filters as they provide better value.

The pleated filter comprises sheets of polyester that is an upgrade over the material used in flat filters. Moreover, Pleated filters can filter small particles. Furthermore, they are washable, so you don’t have to replace them too often.

2) Electrostatic Air Filters:

Unlike flat and pleated filters, these filters don’t contain filter materials, instead they harness electricity’s power. These filters use long electrodes charged to a high voltage. As the air swishes past them, the electrodes ionize the pollutants by ripping off some electrons. Afterward, the ionized dirt, dust, and other contaminants are attracted towards the neutral bottom plate. Hence, in this way, these filters purify the air passing through it. However, this filter does release an unpleasant by-product, ozone.

4) HEPA Filters:

These are a mat of randomly aligned fibers made either from glass or synthetic material. These filters are highly effective even in capturing the smallest of particles, such as viruses and bacteria. Therefore, since its invention, the HEPA filter has been an integral part of air purifiers. In case you don’t have an HVAC system, you can opt for a portable air filter that uses HEPA filters for your room.

5) UV Light Filter:

These filters tap in the power of UV lights and zap microorganisms out of existence. This filter will help sterilize the air around you, making it a good choice if someone in your home is more prone to infection.


There are many types of air filters available for your varying needs. For example, if microorganisms bug you, you can opt for a UV filter. Similarly, if you are concerned about minuscule pollutants and particles, HEPA filters shall serve your needs. Hence, it’s needless to say proper guidance is required to make a wise decision when choosing air filters. Clean Liquid Systems is here to help because we have an extensive catalog of air filters to choose from. In addition, you can also call us at 713-253-0100 for further inquiry and guidance.