How To Purify Water Using Alum And A Chlorinated Bleach In Few Steps

You are hyped up for a camping trip or a trip to some remote location. However, you cannot carry the goodness and safety of your home with you because life is easy and safe at home when you are using Clean Liquid Systems liquid filters. Nonetheless, you can use science to purify freshwater from rivers or lakes enough to drink. Furthermore, you can achieve that with only a few utensils and some readily available chemicals.

What Will You Need?

You will indeed be pumped knowing that you can easily filter water now. Hence, to set you up, you will need the following:

  • Alum.
  • Chemicals containing chlorine, like bleach.
  • Some vessels hold water.
  • A bottle to collect water.
  • A piece of cloth.

The Initial Filtration:

Once you find a water source, the chances are that the water you collect will be silty and muddy. Thus, to tackle this situation, you can use a piece of clothing as a crude filter. It will help you to separate suspended large particles easily.

You can start by covering the bottle’s mouth with a spare sock or anything and then fasten it with a rubber band or with your hands. Afterward, force out the water you collected into a container; keep doing it until you have filled the required amount.

The Magic Of Alum:

Alum (Aluminum Sulfate) is a coagulant that can clump to gather fine suspended particles. Once the particles are clumped, they sink to the bottom with almost particle-free water flowing above them. Hence, filtration plants all around the world use alum to get rid of minute suspended particles.

All you need is about 1.75 ounces of alum per gallon to do the trick. After adding the alum, stir the mixture for five to ten minutes and then let the alum do the rest. Please note that the process will take time; hence, the whole process will test your patience. Therefore, you will have to wait a few hours before moving on.

Nonetheless, in three to four hours, you will find most particles settled at the bottom. Hence, it’s your cue to scoop out filtered water from the top slowly. However, you should be slow and steady because your hours’ worth of wait will be wasted if you mix things up.

At Last But Not Least:

While the water you have scooped out in another container will be particulate-free, it’s not safe to drink yet. The water still contains microbes that might be hazardous, but chlorine-containing chemicals will take them down with ease. If you are using bleach that contains chlorine, only add a minute amount of about five drops per gallon of water.

After chlorination, the water will contain chlorine’s odor, so you might want to leave it for a while in the sun until the smell abates. Consequently, with patience and few chemicals, you can purify fresh unfiltered water enough to drink. However, while you use these chemicals to filter and purify your water, take out time to ponder over the blessing of pure water we have at our homes and offices. Clean Liquid Systems plays an essential role in making this luxury a reality, feel free to surf through our catalog of liquid filters, or you can give us a call at 713-253-0100

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