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What Do Different Types of HVAC Filters Do?

The air filters play a crucial role in providing clean air for us. Whether it is your heating device, ventilator, or air conditioner, these cannot work properly without filters. But it is important to know which type of filter does what if people wish to choose a proper one. Let’s explore today the different types of HVAC filters.

Fiberglass Air Filter

These are disposable but most suitable for many people as they come well within budget for many. These take care of the air conditioners; however, do not do a very good job at screening dust from the air. People who have these filters may have breathing problems.

Pleated Filters

These are usually made of polyester or cotton fold and work effectively at cleaning the dust from the air. The ones which have more pleats work better at filtering the air.

Washable Air Filter

These filters are expensive as compared to the disposable ones; however, these are durable and last much longer. Since these are washable, you do not need to replace them every few weeks. One should keep in mind to dry these filters completely before placing them again for running.

HEPA Filter

These filters are best for people who are allergic and have respiratory problems. It filters all contaminated particles in the air up to 99.97%, leaving the air clean and fresh.

UV Filter

This uses ultraviolet rays to kills the bacteria and viruses present in the house. However, these are less effective when it comes to cleaning the air, but since these combat microorganisms, these help in keeping people healthy.

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