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Activated Carbon: An Effective Solution to Control Odor

Working becomes difficult when the air is filled with odor. Odor can be a result of a single chemical or several chemicals present in the air and can have health effects. Not all people are sensitive to odor. But those who are might develop some serious health problems. Therefore, the work environment, whether it is an office, factory, or warehouse, should be free from odor. Various ways can be used to control odor from the air so that the employees can work with their full efficiency. Activated carbon is an effective solution for odor problems. Acting as an absorbent, it traps the odor inside.

How does it work to control odor?

Activated carbon has micro or macropores that attract molecules and absorbs them. When the carbon becomes activated, it creates pores of different sizes on the surface of the carbon. These pores give a path to water or air to enter the internal surface which then traps the molecules of water or air. For this purpose, virgin activated carbon is an effective solution for removing harmful odors from the environment.

What Clean Liquid Systems Offer?

Clean Liquid Systems specializes in removing odor from the air. We understand that for working effectively, there needs to a pleasant environment. Therefore, we not only remove the harmful odor but also help to improve your mood and health.

There are various products that we use to make the environment odor-free, these include

• Disposable Bonded Carbon Blocks in Panels, V-cells or Cylindrical
• Pleated Activated Carbon V- cells| with MERV 13 or MERV 15 efficiencies (low-pressure drop)
• Disposable V-cells with honeycomb “Style VH”
• Disposable Pleated Carbon Filters
• Refillable Metal Trays
• Refillable Activated Carbon V-cells

So if you feel that there is a lot of odor problem in your work environment because of the nature of work, then call us on 713.253.0100, and we will provide you the best solution to control it.