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The Best Natural Water Filter System

March 30, 2020

Who doesn’t want clean filtered water? Every single person prefers to have drinking water that is free from odor, chemicals, and toxic substances. And for getting clean natural water, you would need a good filter system that can make water completely pure. This means for getting the best quality water; you need to buy the … Continue reading “The Best Natural Water Filter System”

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What Do Different Types of HVAC Filters Do?

March 15, 2020

The air filters play a crucial role in providing clean air for us. Whether it is your heating device, ventilator, or air conditioner, these cannot work properly without filters. But it is important to know which type of filter does what if people wish to choose a proper one. Let’s explore today the different types … Continue reading “What Do Different Types of HVAC Filters Do?”

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Activated Carbon: An Effective Solution to Control Odor

February 29, 2020

Working becomes difficult when the air is filled with odor. Odor can be a result of a single chemical or several chemicals present in the air and can have health effects. Not all people are sensitive to odor. But those who are might develop some serious health problems. Therefore, the work environment, whether it is … Continue reading “Activated Carbon: An Effective Solution to Control Odor”

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What is a HEGA filter?

February 18, 2020

My Opinion and the Dirty little truths about HEGA filter. Unfortunately,  the word “HEGA” has also become diluted amongst our industry and surprisingly to me from companies that know better. What is a HEGA?  “High Efficiency Gas Adsorber”, the adsorber must have a minimum mechanical efficiency of 99.9% when tested in accordance with the Institute … Continue reading “What is a HEGA filter?”

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What Do Pollution Control Products Do?

February 15, 2020

Be it smoke or grease in your home, hotels, or refineries; pollution control products can remove all with ease. One of those products is pollution control units that is a mechanical filter arrangement. It ensures to keep your computer and other equipment safe and also allows them to work in a pollution-free environment. Benefits of … Continue reading “What Do Pollution Control Products Do?”

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What is a HEPA filter?

February 13, 2020

My Opinion and the Dirty little truths. Unfortunately, the word “HEPA” has become a bit of a common word and used by many companies as a buzz word. Technically speaking it stands for “High Efficiency Particulate Air” and according to the “Institute of Environmental Technology” (IEST), they define the filter as being made into a … Continue reading “What is a HEPA filter?”

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Advantage of Industrial Water Filter

January 30, 2020

Clean water is a blessing and is vital for a healthy life. Gone are the days when it wasn’t very easy to get clean water. Now with the availability of the water filters, getting clean water has become a piece of cake. There are a number of choices of filters available and an industrial water … Continue reading “Advantage of Industrial Water Filter”

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Industrial Air Filter Manufacturers for Food and Beverages

January 15, 2020

The air that we breathe and the food that we eat and drink, play a vital role in keeping us healthy. This is one of the reasons to keep contaminated air away while producing food and beverages. Not only the product needs protection, but the equipment and people are also to be saved from harmful … Continue reading “Industrial Air Filter Manufacturers for Food and Beverages”

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Water Filter Bag: What Does It Do?

December 30, 2019

Industries discard a significant amount of water every year and if left open water contaminates over time. Therefore, to reduce the effect, industries use water filter bags. A water filter bag helps to remove every dirt particle from the water and makes it clean for the living creatures. Types of Filters bags Filter bags are … Continue reading “Water Filter Bag: What Does It Do?”

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Fume Extraction- What Does It Do?

December 15, 2019

You may not even realize but may breathe soldering, welding, wood, chemical, or any other type of fume while working in a factory. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the air from harmful fumes, which can be hazardous for health and may turn fatal too. Fume extraction is an active process  through which a system … Continue reading “Fume Extraction- What Does It Do?”

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