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Choosing the Best Filtration System for Your Commercial Kitchen

Americans spend billions of dollars eating out each year. But they’re not going to waste their hard-earned money dining at a restaurant that doesn’t make the safety of its customers the highest priority. A kitchen water filtration system can go a long way toward ensuring safety and giving your customers pleasant dining experience.

Why Water Filtration is So Important

While the U.S. water system is generally considered one of the safest in the world, that doesn’t mean American water is free of contaminants. Chlorine, nitrates, and other contaminants can ruin the taste of not only the drinks you serve but the food you serve as well. Contaminants can also lead to damage of expensive kitchen equipment.

What Type of Filtration System Do You Need?

Commercial kitchens typically use one of two kinds of filtration systems. One is a centralized filter that serves all kitchen components. The other is an individual system designed for a specific piece of equipment.

Many restaurant owners opt for equipment-specific filters. Certain types of equipment, such as a coffee maker, will need a filter designed to handle hot water. General filtration systems might not do as good a job of fighting the accumulation of contaminants. Others, however, prefer central filtration systems because they are easier to maintain.

Which approach is right for you? Let a professional with Clean Liquid Systems help you answer that question. Call 713.253.0100 for more information.