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The Importance of Filtration for Restaurant Beverages

As a restaurant owner, you want your customers to have the best possible dining experience. You might bring people in because of your fantastic food, but they’ll come back because everything was just perfect. That means not only food that exceeds customer expectations, but drinks as well. If your filtration system isn’t working as it should, that could cost you a great deal of repeat business.

Here are three important aspects of beverage operations, and why proper filtration is critical to each.

Soda Fountain

The flavor of the sodas you serve to customers will depend on the ratio of water to syrup. Making sure that flavor is consistent will depend largely on the quality of that water. If sediment and chlorine are allowed to accumulate, that will have a detrimental effect on the taste of the soda that comes out of your fountain. Effective filtration reduces contaminants. However, if it uses phosphate, that could result in flat soda due to a lack of carbonation.

Ice Filtration

Proper filtration is also key to producing ice that is of the highest quality. Contaminants can not only affect the taste of ice but can affect its appearance as well. When they are frozen inside the ice and then melt in a drink, that could make the drink taste odd. Using the right filtration system can keep your ice at its best, and could also help reduce costs to maintain your ice maker.


If your restaurant serves breakfast, coffee will probably be one of your most popular drink offerings. While the quality of the coffee will obviously go a long way toward determining its taste, so will the quality of the water used to make that coffee. Properly filtered water will lead to coffee that has just the right flavor to keep your customers coming back.

Let the experts with Clean Liquid Systems help you determine the best filtration system to make sure your beverages continue to taste perfect. Contact us online or call 713.253.0100 to learn more.