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Does a Box Fan Air Filter Actually Work?

Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to filter your air supply? A quick internet search will reveal a bunch of DIY projects. One of the most common homemade tools is a box fan air filter. But does this trick actually work? Below, you will learn all about the box fan air filter trick. We will also reveal a better filtration solution.

What is a Box Fan Air Filter?

While most of us understand the benefits of clean air, some people feel air filters are too expensive. A box fan air filter is a DIY air filter that can be made at home using a box fan and a furnace filter. People love the idea of this filter as it is obviously cheaper than a regular air filter. However, there are some big drawbacks to this homemade creation.

Does It Really Work?

In short, the homemade air filter does work- to a degree. The problem is, nether furnace filters nor box fans were designed to be used this way. The fan will not run very efficiently. It will also be very difficult to create a good seal around the furnace filter. The DIY air filter will probably waste more energy than it is worth. Worst of all, this contraption can even cause a fire hazard! It is best to find another air filtration solution.

What To Try Instead

An air filtration system is probably less expensive than you think. These systems are also very effective, which means they are worth a little extra money. Instead of making your own air filter, ask a professional to recommend a real filter to you. These products will reduce allergens and increase air quality. You will be surprised but the difference a simple air filter can make.

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