Top 5 Dirty Air Filter Symptoms

Are you dealing with a clogged or dirty air filter? It’s more common than you think. However, most people don’t know the warning signs of an air filter problem. Below, we’ll share our top dirty air filter symptoms. If you are dealing with these problems, then it might be time to call an HVAC professional.

Dirty Air Filter Symptoms Include…

1- An Electric Bill That is Higher Than Usual

If you have central air conditioning, then it’s important to have clean air filters. In order for your AC to work, there must be a clear path for air to flow. A dirty air filter blocks this path, which wastes energy. Sky-high electric bills are a sign that your air filters might need attention.

2- Extra Dust Around the House

Of course, the purpose of an air filter is to trap debris like dust and other small particles. A dirty air filter will not be able to filter effectively. If you are noticing extra dust around your home, then you should check your air filters.

3- Out-Of-Control Allergy Symptoms

Dust and other types of debris can irritate your allergy symptoms. If your air is not being filtered correctly, then these particles will be floating around your home. A clean air filter will remove allergens like dust, animal dander, and more.

4- Less Efficient Heating and Cooling

A dirty air filter will make both your heating and your cooling systems more sluggish. This means it could take longer for your home to get to the ideal temperature. If your home is uncomfortably hot this summer, then your air filter might be to blame.

5- An Air Filter That Looks Dirty

Still not sure if your air filter is dirty? Just take a look! You will be able to physically see dust, dirt, and grime on a dirty air filter. See for yourself, or take a photo to show your HVAC professional.

Need Professional Help?

Don’t wait to deal with your dirty air filter symptoms! Your air filter can majorly impact your quality of life. The Clean Liquid Systems team can fix or replace your air filter, making your home enjoyable again. Call us today and discover the difference that clean air can make.


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