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How Can Energy Efficient Air Filters Help Cut Down Your Electricity Bill?

The energy efficiency of an air filter is a hot topic in many industries, like pharmaceuticals and renewable energy. However, the impact of air is still significant in your homes. How? Through your HVAC unit. HVAC eats up a monolithic amount of power during its operation and comprises about 30% of your utility bill. However, wisely choosing your HVAC’s air filter can provide some relief.

Why Is Air Filter Important?

HVAC systems have many complex parts that need to be well protected against outside factors such as dirt, dust, pollen, etc. The air filter is the barrier between sensitive HVAC components and the environment. However, that’s not all; a good air filter also helps improve the IAQ of your house by removing dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the air. If a family member has allergies to dust, dirt, or pollen, then the filtering capacity of the air filter matters the most. Therefore, an efficient air filter protects your HVAC and your family from the minuscule hazards floating freely in the air. Nevertheless, that’s not all; an air filter also contributes to the energy efficiency of your HVAC unit, which inevitably allows you to save big on utility bills.

How Can Air Filter Contribute To High Energy Efficiency?

Air filters contribute to resistance in the airflow. Therefore, generally, the equation is like this:

  • When the filter gets clogged with contaminants, it doesn’t let air flow through smoothly. Hence, clogged-up filters add to the resistance in airflow.
  • When a filter is designed to screen minuscule particulates, its airflow resistance increases.

However, new filter designs provide smoother airflow and effective filtering compared to old and cheap ones. All of this contributes to the energy efficiency of the HVAC unit.

Higher airflow resistance means that your HVAC unit has to work harder just to push the air around. Hence, contributing to increased energy usage. Moreover, dirt and dust in the air can settle within the HVAC components, lowering their health and efficiency. Consequently, air filters that are as smooth as butter and screen out even the smallest particles are your best bets.

The Cost Layout Of Choosing A New Air Filter:

Dealing with the expenses of filters, you have to worry about three things:

  • A hefty installation cost, but it’s a one-time investment.
  • Regular maintenance cost.
  • The energy consumption of the air filter.

The latter, however, comprises about 81% of the total air filter expense. Hence, if you can cut down its energy usage, you will recover the installation price and make some savings down the road.


Now, you know how a good air filter can help you cut down your utility bill. Hence, you would want to make wise choices when choosing the air filter for your residence. Clean Liquid System can help you out by making your choice easier and more fruitful. For any inquiries, feel free to visit us or ring us at 713-253-0100, and we will be more than happy to entertain your queries.