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Importance Of Clean And Filtered Drinking Water

Water is the basis of life on earth. Without food, we can last up to two months. However, without water, we couldn’t last even three days. This shows our heavy dependence on water, and why wouldn’t that be the case? After all, our body comprises 60% water. Nonetheless, clean water is equally important because drinking contaminated water is like opening a pandora box. Therefore, let’s talk about the importance of clean and filtered drinking water.

The Importance Of Water For Our Body:

Water Is The Most Important Nutrient:
While we take our drinking supply for granted, we don’t recognize the importance of water as a major nutrient. You need an adequate amount of water (about three to four liters a day) to stay fit and active. Water literally governs the cellular landscape, as it’s where the most important biochemical reaction occurs. Several body functions make use of water, such as transport, excretion, and maintaining body temperature.

Water Is The Transport Medium Of Our Body:
What runs through our veins? Our red ally (blood) is on a constant body tour. Water makes up about 83% of the blood. The blood coursing through your veins carries nutrients, oxygen, and waste products. Consequently, without water, blood will begin to lose its fluidity, and blood cells will start to shrink. Thus, blood will have a tough time sneaking through narrow vessels, and shrunken cells won’t carry much oxygen.

Getting Rid Of Toxin:
Sweat and urine help our body to get rid of toxins. Most of these are soluble in water. Thus, water is required in sufficient amounts to dissolve them and then excrete them out.

Why Is Clean And Filtered Water So Essential?

Too Many Minerals – Too Many Problems:
From our discussion above, we know that water keeps us thriving on our two feet. However, not all water is made the same, as sometimes water may contain too many minerals. Although minerals in water are beneficial to our health, too much of it can pose a health risk. For example, too much salt in water can lead to dehydration. Thus, it’s important to filter water.

Bacteria In Water Means Diseases:
The greatest hazard comes from bacteria and viruses found in unclean drinking water. Many harmful microbes call water their home, and they can wreak havoc once inside the human body. Consequently, the risk of contracting diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and diarrhea increases with drinking unclean water. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your drinking water is clean with no harmful microbes.

Water And Agriculture:
There is a direct way for bacteria to enter your body, and there is an indirect route for toxins. When unclean water is used for farming, toxins water may be carrying will enter the produce. Hence, from there, these toxins make their way to your plate and then to your tummy. Consequently, using clean water for agriculture is also important for a healthy life.


We need to ensure at every step that the water we are using is clean and filtered. Clean Liquid System will help you in your journey; for that, you can call us at 713-253-0100 for more inquiries.