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What Is The Cause Of Foul Garbage Odor And How Can It Affect you?

Ever wondered why the food you just ate would start to smell once you dispose of the remnants? The foul odors are pretty common in garbage bins and cans. However, do you know the reason behind it and how garbage odor can affect you?

A Natural Effect:

We eat food to get energy from it. However, the remains we don’t eat have an untapped store of nutrients and energy. One way to release energy and nutrients from food and other organic substances is by breaking them down into small molecules known as decomposition. Our digestive tracts work on a similar model. Moreover, for us and most vertebrates, the process of digestion occurs inside their bodies.

Nonetheless, that’s not always the case for simpler organisms like bacteria. They practice digestion outside their body on the food source. Therefore, you can notice signs of decay as the garbage rots because rotting means a change in the substance’s chemical structure. This only happens when bacteria and other organisms have arrived and are thriving. Time also plays a critical role, if the garbage is left for a long time, it will undergo more decay, and the decomposition rate will be higher as well. This is because colonies on colonies of bacteria have found the garbage as a suitable abode.

The Release Of Gases:

Whenever an organism digests an organic product, this act doesn’t only release nutrients but also some nasty byproducts. The byproducts we will be discussing today are gases. A vast majority of these gases contain sulfur. Moreover, other commonly found chemicals are carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Some of these pungent gases can sting your nostrils. Top on that list is hydrogen sulfide. You can easily notice hydrogen sulfide by its characteristic odor of rotten eggs.

Interestingly, this smell is the first to strike, after which many other odors start to appear. Furthermore, the composition of your garbage varies the odors coming out of it. For example, if the garbage contained pieces of raw meat, then you can expect them to emit oxides of nitrogen once they rot.

Effects Of Garbage Odor:

Effects of garbage odors don’t need any formal discussion because many might have encountered unbearable stench. The stench makes it difficult to stay in the vicinity for too long. Moreover, prolonged exposure to odors can affect your mood and lower your productivity. Other than that, odors may irritate your nose and lungs. Hence, it’s safe to say that odors have both physical and psychological effects.


Odors should be controlled. Otherwise, they may have some unpleasant effects. You can follow simple steps at home, like taking out the garbage on time and maintaining a clean bin to control the odor. However, at factories or landfills, you may need to install odor controllers. These pieces of equipment trap the odor and prevent it from seeping out into the environment. You can purchase them from our site, or you can call Clean Liquid System at 713-253-0100.