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Which Is The Right Type Of Dust Collector For You?

Every product you buy has a competitive product you can take a look at. The same goes for dust collectors. With so many different ways you can perform dust collection, it can be difficult for you to choose the right product. You will need expertise you can trust. Hence this article will give you a little bit of insight into the different types of dust collection system available:

Baghouses with Filteration Bags: This is the most commonly used collector due to its very well performance. The reason behind its performance is its fabric filter and if you operate and maintain it with care. It’s an ideal product for industries. Some industries include power generation, food processing, furniture manufacturing, smelting and processing, cement production, etc.

Cartridge Dust Collectors: Usually used in places with light or fine dust particles. Some dust particles need a minimal level of flexing of the media during their cleaning process. The commonly available cartridges have a 350 sq/ft filter media each. This filter media lets the unit handle heavy airflows with a unit smaller than the baghouse. Some common uses include sandblasting, bulk materials handling, welding fumes, graphite, pharmaceutical and fine chemical powders, etc.

Cyclone Dust Collectors: This is used at the first level of collection. It can lighten heavy dust particles before they move into a fabric collector such as a baghouse or cartridge collector. When the collector removes coarse particles from the gas stream, they allow the fabric collectors to remove finer particles solely. This can increase the usage of the life of fabric collectors and their filters.

Clean Liquid Systems is here to help you choose which system best fits your filtration needs. Our team of experts has the right knowledge to understand the products available in the market and assess them based on your needs. Call us at 713.253.0100 to know which is the correct type of dust collector for you.