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Why Don’t We Have Graphene Water Filters Yet?

Graphene buzzed the world back in 2004, dubbed as a wonder material by multiple media platforms. However, in 2021 where are the graphene water filters that we were promised? Where has the fad died? Why will the graphene water filters excel others? We will try to address each of these questions in this article.

What’s So Compelling About Graphene Water Filters?

Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon that displays exceptional properties. For example, superior conductivity, tremendous strength, and extremely lightweight. Hence, when the material is perforated, it can transform into excellent water filters.

You can expect the following properties from a graphene water filter:

  • Resistant to fouling. Fouling is a process that occurs over time, leaving the filter unusable. Hence, you would need to change fouled filters.
  • These can filter out your water faster and more effectively.
  • These filters are more robust.
  • These can work on gas, liquid, and solid contaminants.

While graphene promises us great potential, where is it? Why is the world not overrun by graphene products? What’s pulling the invisible rein of graphene’s progress?

Why Is The World Not Overwhelmed By Graphene?

While it’s easy to excite materials for a boost in the adrenaline rush, it’s not so accessible to practically use it as an alternative. Therefore, to ensure the dominance of a particular material, that material must prove its worth. Hence, it should be exponentially better than the materials used today. While we know that graphene is better, is it valuable enough to turn mature industries on their heads?

Current industries are pretty ‘mature’ with the perfection that came over time. Hence, graphene and related industries must mature enough to match the present prosperity. Consequently, this would take time, just think about how computers developed over time from being room-sized to your laptops. Exactly, that transformation took decades, a load of fundings and research.

Where Is Graphene?

The majority of graphene is the subject of research in many academic institutes. Hence, most patents come from such institutes, with only a few coming from other companies. However, a few companies still experiment with graphene and introduce them in new applications, like in rubber and electronics.

Nonetheless, American demand alone for graphene is expected to rise at a staggering rate of 38.7% from 2020 to 2027. Hence, what does this mean? One thing is for sure that we will see graphene a lot in the future. However, will the future hold some unique graphene water filters for us? Only time can answer. However, the future has an exciting possibility of unraveling some more fantastic and groundbreaking properties of graphene water filters. On the contrary, graphene water filters might not live up to the mark and expectations.


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