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Protecting Your Data Center From Contaminants

Data centers house millions of dollars in critical hardware. Even the slightest amount of contaminated air can do severe damage to that hardware, bringing operations to an expensive – and potentially catastrophic – standstill. Here is a look at some of the sources of contaminants, and what you can do to make sure they stay out of your data center for good.

Dangers Inside and Out

Your air filtration system is constantly fighting contaminants. Not only do these contaminants come from the outside air, but they also try to infiltrate from inside your data center. Ozone, gas, particulates, and humidity can be introduced to a data center in a number of ways.

For example, the cooling systems used to keep equipment from overheating need outdoor air in order to work properly. This means your filtration system has to make sure that the air is as clean as possible. Even a little humidity can oxidize metal on computer equipment, interfering with its ability to work properly. It can lead to corrosion that can render components such as transistors, capacitors, disk drives, and others useless.

Microscopic dust particles can accumulate to the point where they act as a sort of insulator, building up potentially damaging heat.

Reducing the Risk

The best defense against these infiltrators is a top-quality air filtration system. Experts recommend using filters with at least a 13 MERV rating to deliver the most protection possible. Vigilant environmental monitoring is also key to protecting sensitive data center equipment. This means sealing the data center from outdoor air, measuring the corrosive properties of the indoor air, measuring airflow at all supply and exhaust points, and more.

Clean Liquid Systems can perform a thorough inspection of your data center to let you know of potential vulnerabilities. We have a great deal of experience in air filtration systems and will make sure you have a system that meets all of your needs. Contact us online or call 713.253.0100 for more information.